The company deals with a wide variety of mediums (instruments and kits for blood, urine, saliva and faeces tests), and offers the following solutions:

1.       EntericBio – detection of faecal bacteria with RT PCR.

2.       PapilloCheck – screening of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that causes cervical cancer

3.       Urine Dip Stick tests

4.       MRSA screening

5.       Saliva tests

De-Groot Diagnostic is promoting the implementation of revolutionary methods for Microbiology lab with the EntericBioTM feces test (an automated and barcoded system for the detection of dangerous enteric bacteria).In addition, as part of a cooperation with Greiner Bio-One Diagnostic Unit, we are assisting in the development of a novel system for the non-invasive technique for identification of biomarkers.



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